So far the General Body has been meeting every year. The National Convention held at Bangalore in 2004, it was decided that after the next convention, the general body will meet only once in two years and the regional body will meet when there is no National Convention and hence we have divided India into 13 regions and these regions are expected to have the regional convention every other year. Hence the North west regions which consists of Srinagar, Jammy, Jalandhar, Shilma, Chandigarh and Delhi are meeting on the 11th & 12th of November.

The purpose of this regional convention is :

i. to strengthen AINACS in each region

ii. the members may come to know each other better

iii. to discuss problems and difficulties facing the regions in the field of education

iv. it offers a forum for member schools to come together occasionally, share experiences and experiments in their respective institutions with one another for mutual enrichment.

Today, when the whole world is speaking of the necessity of connectedness and networking, it becomes a sacred mandate for us. Catholic schools to come out of our isolated existence and promote solidarity among themselves following the mandate or our Founder Teacher, Jesus Himself, to love and to share the gifts and talents He has bestowed on us as individuals.

AINACS therefore could become a medium, rather a forum the fosters bonds between schools of various regions from different States and of different cultural backgrounds. This work has to start at the grass root level at the regions itself which brings out the importance of a regional AINACS Unit at each diocese or state. Group interactions between Principals, Managers, teachers and students will become the vehicle through which sharings and learnings will take place in each region.. Friends, each one of you are called upon to be agents to effect this bondedness in your regions.

The regional unit will work in collaboration with the National Body.